Build story worlds.

We stand at the dawn of a new narrative era. Those formerly known as an audience have left the single screen for a multi-platform odyssey and digital has turned viewers into users and tech savvy explorers. Films, TV series, gaming, mobile apps, graphic novels, virtual reality, mixed reality (...) are pushing the boundaries of vast story worlds ruled by tomorrow’s creators and the next generation of heroes.

R/O {ˈeʀo} is a storytelling institute that fosters the creation of original content and the acceleration of Narrative Intellectual Properties (NIP) built around tomorrow’s heroes and multiplatform storyverses.

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Learn from the best.

R/O offers a 5 (+2) months immersive training that aims at tuning strong narrative projects for today’s convergent market. On top of solidifying their story architecture and building their cross-platforms storytelling, the talents are presented with numerous networking opportunities and business deals ranging from development grants to post-production services and publishing hooks.

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Level up.

The R/O institute is not a school. It takes the form of a conference cycle, specialized coaching, pitching sessions and regular workshops that are organized in english for international participants. Our methodology is project centered and driven by measurable achievements.

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Experiment in our lab.

The R/O sandbox is a lab fully equipped with the latest tech and dedicated developers that are available for the talents to experiment with new forms of storytelling and prototype their creative ideas.

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