The origin: stories.

The world belongs to those who tell stories. Do you have a story to tell? Sometimes one platform is not enough to cover the full spectrum of your idea. Do you already have plans for a film, a TV series, a comic book or maybe a game that you want to develop? How about ambitions for all of them and more? But you are a storyteller and you probably don’t know where to start…



Apply now to the R/O institute. Let’s expand your story world across platforms and prep your intellectual property (IP) for the convergent market.

If your narrative project is selected, you and your team will benefit from a professional coaching packed with multi-disciplinary insights coming from a large variety of experts in the form of:

  • Public and private talks

  • Access to R/O sandbox (tech, artistic and software toolbox)

  • Workshops

  • One on one sessions

  • Group sessions

  • Case success/failure stories and analysis

  • Benchmarking challenges

  • Project evaluation and milestones objectives

  • Pitching opportunities

  • Networking

  • Transmedia watch

  • Follow-up over an extended period of time

  • Access to market acceleration and possible output deals


Thanks to gamified analytics and an interactive evaluation app, talents are stimulated to reach objectives and improve their skills. The R/O training aims at tweaking the complete spectrum of the project from the essence of storytelling to the marketing strategy and the architecture of a case by case revenue model.



Cult stories did not blossom in a week. That’s why we ask the core selection of our talents to commit to the R/O institute for a 5 to 8 months period of training. The institute programme is sidebarred and followed by active prospection in order to breach the global market and finally meet the project’s audience on different platforms. The R/O label ensures that commitment goes both ways.

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