Our programme is divided in 3 chronological sections:

The R/O Bootcamp.

Duration: 3 months (Oct-Dec, 2016)

Following a pre-selection phase, around 40 projects are granted access to the R/O bootcamp. It is a programme of curated conferences followed by participative Q&A’s that stand as a source of inspiration to broaden the horizon of our future talents. The bootcamp introduces them to the opportunities of the convergent market. It is about bringing an overview of what the R/O institute can do for your Intellectual Property (IP) while acquiring the basics of any solid franchise. The R/O bootcamp also provides useful workshops that will help applicants to set up their final application to the R/O institute.


The R/O Institute.

Duration: 6 months (Jan-Jun, 2017)

Once selected on the basis of a promising application file, an exclusive batch of 10 project teams of talents are physically welcomed to the facilities of the R/O institute to start enhancing their project. Our creative methodology breaks down an IP in a series of skills regrouped in 6 different skillsets. Each skillset forms a module that is roughly unfolding over the course of one month. The 6 skillsets are:

  1. Story World

  2. Crowd Design

  3. Tech/Art Craft

  4. CrossMedia Architecture

  5. Revenue Model (and financing)

  6. Marketing M.O.

Each skill from every skillset is developed through a gamified process based on skill assimilation and collaborative milestones to reach. Projects are constantly monitored through an evaluation app that also allows talents and experts to communicate and share watch material. Each project is modulated in order to bring more focus on its weakest skills and specifically address them. Around 20 skills that are essential to any narrative IP’s are taken into consideration across the whole duration of the training such as #characters opacity, #IP iconography, #raconteur, #social currency, #environment, #mythology #revenue streams… Improving each of those skills will level the project up to global market standards.

Between 50 and 80 international experts will meet with the talents in order to work on their skills. Talents are encouraged to collaborate with other teams, R/O’s partners and guest projects. Rewards can be earned along the way…


The R/O Line-up.

Duration: +18 months

By accessing the R/O institute, projects become part of the R/O catalog that our agents are submitting to the attention of our partners and to market places around the globe. Being part of the R/O line up of IP’s does not end with the training at the institute. It goes on over an extended period of active prospection in order to bring the project to life and meet its producing and broadcasting partners all the way to its audience down the line.

More information about our current partners